Fender Stratocaster 1973 Vintage Grey Bottom Pickups

Vintage Authentic 1965 Sunburst FENDER STRATOCASTER Electric Guitar
Vintage Authentic 1965 Sunburst FENDER STRATOCASTER Electric Guitar
   US $13,990.00
 137483004976248560 Fender Stratocaster 1973 Vintage Grey Bottom Pickups

Vintage 1973 Fender Stratocaster Grey Bottom Pickups (w/ Black Covers and Kinman Harness Connectors)

I am selling this set of '73 pups that I purchased a couple years ago from Eddie Vegas (a respected vintage parts dealer - see  I paid more for these than the starting auction price.

I had the pups mounted in a Kinman harness (not included in this auction).  A Kinman harness allows you to unplug the entirely assembly from the guitar very quickly and also allow you to change pickups (see the attached picture of the connectors).  If you have a Kinman harness or expect to get one, then these vintage Fender pups will plug right in with no soldering.  You can easily switch between your Kinman pups and these pups with the harness.

If you don't have a Kinman harness, then you can cut off the Kinman connectors and solder these pups in like any other set.  THIS IS A NORMAL SET OF FENDER PUPS, BUT WITH THE KINMAN CONNECTORS ATTACHED BY A PROFESSIONAL LUTHIER.

These pups were tested by a guitar luthier (who has worked on the Edge's guitars) at one of the most renowned guitar shops in NYC (on 48th Street) and found to be in great condition with excellent tone.  This is an original set of grey bottom staggered pickups.

All three pups are from an original set.  The bridge and neck pups have serial stamps that end in "XXX73".  The middle pup does not have a stamp.

I called Fender and they said they have no reason to believe these are not authentic; however, they will not provide an official opinion.  The Fender representative said that there was no common standard font for the serial numbers at that time.  Also, the fact that one pup doesn't have a stamped number does not imply it's not a real Fender pup.  This is common in many sets of original Fender pup sets.  Please DO NOT email me and argue that the font style or placement is not authentic.  Fender explained to me over the phone that there was no specific science behind the serial number font or placement and that it changed often in the '70s.  While there are certain sets with matched serial numbers, it is very common to have different numbers on each pup or none at all.  Nonetheless, the serial number font and placement on these pups is the same or very similar to many other sets of '70s Fender pups.  What is more important are the grey bottoms, color and size of the windings, wax, staggered poles and other qualities.  These pups look identical to my set of '74 grey bottoms.  A professional luthier in NYC did confirm these are genuine Fender vintage pups based on their experience.

DC resistance measurements:

Bridge:  5.81k
Mid:  5.91k
Neck:  5.91k

If you are looking for a set of vintage Fender pups with black covers, then look no further.  Vintage tone heaven!

U2 Edge fans, this assembly will give your Strat great quack tone. 

I have an excellent eBay record and have purchased and sold a lot of guitar equipment on eBay.  Buy here with confidence.  Thank you for your interest.

 137483004976248561 Fender Stratocaster 1973 Vintage Grey Bottom Pickups

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