1972 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

Fender Japan ST57 TX VWH Vintage White Stratocaster Series F S from Japan
Fender Japan ST57 TX VWH Vintage White Stratocaster Series F S from Japan
   US $1,129.00
 133152606971036260 1972 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

1972 Genuine Fender Stratocaster 

2 out of 3 PICKUPS ARE 1972 STOCK, THE 3rd is a 1974 STOCK
Heel stamp reads: 22OCT72B
HEAR IT: on You Tube. I am playing through a tube amp with no effects, just an EQ. You know how you have to push the single coils to get this sound.
Stripped down '70s classic! Fender Samarian Cobalt Noiseless installed with TWO ADDITIONAL 1972 single coil stock pickups and 1 1974 stock pickup. So you are getting 2 sets of pickups.This guitar has no issues, a natural relic. The neck has its original finish as you can see, and was refretted. There are wear marks on the maple neck from being played that is almost like putting your hand in a glove. Playability is great. Like shaking hands with an old friend. I have never felt anything like this, and how appropriate for what it is. It is very solid, heavy ash, bust the door down with it and let it rock. This is the sound that made the stratocaster and guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Richie Blackmore and others great! 
Here's how I have come up with this asking price: a 1972 Strat all original excellent condition is worth up to $5,500 for a common color according to the Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide. But here we have a relic, body stripped down like Rory Gallagher's as many '70s players did, and there is no way to know what the original color was. The book says a refinish can take the value down up to 50% and for the non-original '70s case, but many consider the maple neck more desirable than rosewood for this time period. Was originally a hard tail, but was modified with a Fender strat bridge with vintage tremolo long ago, which in my opinion had to happen and is more of a plus. One tuner has been replaced with another vintage one, but it is white instead of metal. The pickups are a wash because a '74 pickup with a full set of SCN Fender pickups is worth at least as much as one 1972 stock pup. No custom shop or contrived relicing and recreate the feel, sound and look of the older wood and unique playability. AND EVERYONE KNOWS THE NECK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE GUITAR WHICH IS ORIGINAL FINISH WITH AN AN AWESOME REFRET.

 133152606971036261 1972 Vintage Fender Stratocaster

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